Features available

1. Video Lectures

Our videos are hosted using Vimeo Content Delivery Network. You can choose your preferred video resolution depending on your network strength. We support from 360p 30fps up to 1080p 30fps for every video.

2. Supplementary Resources

The courses are included with well curated notes and slides presentations that can be used as learning material for all IMAN+ users.

3. Q&A & discussion (read and post questions)

At the lesson page, there is a discussion section for the participants to engage with one another. The discussion will display your name that has been used during the registration process. You can change your display name here.

4. Post & See Reviews

All reviews given can be seen at IMAN Shoppe website. All IMAN+ users are encouraged to rate the course in order to help others making their decision to enroll with IMAN+ course.

5. Knowledge Based Support

IMAN+ is included with knowledge based customer support. Users can browse through the provided articles and search for instant solutions.

6. Support Ticket

If Knowledge Based Support is unhelpful. Please contact our customer support via the submit ticket button located at the top right of this page.

7. Live Chat Support

Our live support is available during office hours. You can get in touch with them if the ‘blue circle’ icon appears at the bottom right of your desktop screen or at the support tab for the mobile users.

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